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I love to dedicate my work,life giving love to the underpriviledgedand underdogs

Contrary to ideas that the fact that I've a British Grandmom and dats reason enough for me according to some people who sure have no business of their own to mind so love to devote their boring unhappening lives to creating illlusions and good stories about me where according to them Leslie's a wild-rock-chick,partying every night,fooling around and getting drunk.Sorry to dissapoint You boring losers coz the truth is I don`t party, I don`t get drunk and I don`t have affairs. So all my passion goes into my work.`I love to spend my life working for the welfare of Mankind,society and helping the underdog achieve his/her potential,then i believe Education is Power so I do my best to hold sessions where I teach slum kids,illiterate women,men ab\nd underpriviledged people.Spending time with leper patients,though I have been asked to stay away from them but I love to sit,chat with them.I think at the end of the day I feel my life is not a Waste because I have brought a difference in the lives of the kids,people who usually get to see me on the t.v screens or newspapers,now they cant thank their luck and stars to meet me and on the other hand I feel I have lived every moment of my life bringing a smile into the lives of people who crave for a word of kindness and love and I guess I have so much Love and Affection to give to people.
I think God up there must be proud of the way I have used my Life to bring happiness in the lives of people by being an inspitration and role model for many as the fanmails keep pouring in and parents making phonecalls to me saying they would love their daughter to be like me and ask them to watch my interviews.


Anonymous said…
Orissa State Govt.first then Leslie's family had hired as many as 30-40 security gurads to ring any area Leslie walked by. People were prevented from encroaching the area. The guards prevented onlookers from carrying zoom in cameras and even cell phones. Surely, nobody got the chance to click any picture of this Show-stopper and Media fodder.
What an insane society we live in today. Substance abuse, ignorance towards differences, the dawning of a New World Order, Globalization, all contributing towards the damnation of humanity. As globalization, etc, grow, we lose our individuality, becoming one nation, one society, one language, one currency, one belief system. Is there no more light, compassion, and love within the world today? What happened to the individual comprising the whole. Why have we turned to a philosophy of egoism and hate, racism, all this negativity? People willing to kill their neighbour over varying views of life, be it religion or otherwise. The light is there, one just needs to look for it. So much darkness in the world one day. The true light comes from within ones self. Feel it, live it, love it, and it will impact others just by your very being in your footsteps at any given time, for it resonates from within. We are all light beings, and here on this plane especially susceptible to the darkness. It is hard not to get sucked in to these addictions and convictions which so rampantly run today.

Where are the answers, where is the truth? What is truth? What are the answers which we seek? Each and every one of us seeks a mean towards the end we see for ourselves, be it positive or negative. Does the end really justify the means? How far does the means go in producing the end? Words are nothing more than concepts, ideas, put them together, and you get imagery. Our word, is really all we have. Use it wisely. Use it sparingly. If something does not feel good, does not feel right, follow your intuition and move on. Never give up. Don’t give in and please don’t lay down or throw in the towel. If you seek hard enough, you will find the answers. Sometimes the key is to not seek the answers, rather ask the question and let the answers seek you.

Life is nothing more than light interpreted through the brain to produce images which we on this plane can understand and interpret as reality. For most of us, reality is nothing more than what we see determining how we shall react and what we will feel to the given scenario. Abandon all prejudices and egotistical ideas, and learn compassion towards all beings and accept all differences for we are entitled to our own beliefs. As long as one does not harm another for the sake of getting ones point across, live with compassion and love for all things, strife will cease to exist. One candle can light a thousand more without going out. One cannot change the world, but a handful at a time, goes on to awaken the next, and so on and so forth, thus, in the end wouldn’t it suffice to say one can change the world as a whole?

There is more to reality than that which meets the eye. To exist, to “dream” is merely to be caught up in a smokescreen stuck on a tightrope doing a balancing act. Why not play the part of the jester, instead the blind follower? Sure, it is easier to follow. To believe what you’re told. But does one really want to be no more than controlled all ones life? To truly live, is to be free, in all forms. Spiritually, physically, mentally. To believe that which one wants to believe. Right and wrong, good and bad, after all, are only codenames for which we deem “good” or “bad.” Right, wrong, good and bad all differ from one to another, yet society as a whole has a consensus, the “norm,” if you will. That which does not concur with the consensus is deemed heretical, tyrannical, or often even terroristic.

Yet, the consensus belief isn’t always right. It isn’t as infallible as those caught up in the smoke screen believe it so. For those not agreeing with it, are ostracized, cast out. Where is the love in that? Where is the compassion? Kill or be killed, an eye for an eye, it should not be so! Do unto others as one wish due unto oneself is the rule of the law! Spirituality at its purest is simply believe what you want to believe, believe in your god, the answers are within you, the light is there you must merely acknowledge it and from there it will do it’s work!

The time has come, come one and come all. Please, walk into the light. Be more compassionate unto one another, be more accepting. Materials and egos are only of this plane of existence and nothing more than mountains standing against us in our struggle for peace and freedom. Do not let power and greed, lies and corruption have reign any longer! Life is too short for negativity and hatred! The Key of Life is merely to live out of compassion and love for all beings! That is true freedom! The ego binds us to negativity. I plead you, break yourself from these bonds, all of you, before it is too late to turn back and we see true conflict and strife worse than that which we could ever conceive of!
Diana said…
Leslie Tripathy is an example of a strong woman succeeding through intelligence,intellect,values,morals and determination.God Bless her.
Anonymous said…
a man can't help but FALL FOR is Leslie who is already doing great things in her
own life which naturally attract him into
wanting to be more a part of it
Anonymous said…
yu never slander anybody back,you are amAzing
Sandesha said…
nothing can rattle you,so cool,very even,never angry,no flaws.very example you are for everone.
GreekPresident said…
Despite the constant glare and judgement of the press, Leslie has managed to rise above and really make a difference. Just like Oprah Winfrey, I think it's great to finally see celebrities using their money and influence for something good.
Ashutosh said…
Leslie's so smart and so full of life and determination,i would definitely like to have a friend like her.
Nicky said…
Leslie Yu are a Little Saint
Roxanne said…
i definitely appreciate your views on life though they are a lot different from wat we in west practise,but still yu believe in it,so yu are a very good girl,
god bless yu lovely lady

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