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Marie Colvin; The Stuff Gritty Journalists Are Made Of

By Leslie Tripathy

While the journalist fraternity mourns the inhuman killing of war journalist, Marie Colvin by the ruthless Syrian forces. Brutality in Syria has been met with outrage by the peaceniks.

As a concerned audience, we await the news of the latest updates on the war-affected zone. The brave escapades, the tragic civilian deaths, the brutality and ruthlessness of government forces and we have been witnesses to historic wars and conflicts through the live coverage of courageous journalists. And Mary Colvin is one such grand veteran testimony of unabashed selfless grit and determination ensuring the world never missed out on her eyewitnessed accounts which were broadcast on CNN or the BBC because though a staff reporter of more than 20 years’ standing for The Sunday Times, she was – as usual – the last journalist not to have fled.

But sadly the news from Homs, where brutality under a cruel dictatorship would not trickle down to us. We would not know how many people have been k…
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Leslie interviews Astrologer, Youth Leader Pramit Saran

Hi Pramit Saran ,welcome to "My Legacy with Leslie" Here are few quick questions for you.
L- Pramit, you are a renowned young astrologer, BJP party Youth Leader, Motivational Speaker, a Celebrity Host, Singer, I hope I dint miss anything or did I? P-Yes. You are right I am Vedic astrologer, Career counselor, Motivational speaker and BJP District Navi Mumbai General Secretary in Media cell.. I do Host shows and sing also.. But lots of things might confuse people.. So singing and hosting we shall keep apart..

L-You have been helping a lot of people by giving professional astrological remedies. How did this journey begin? P-I have been Reading astrology books since very young age.. But it so many years to understand it practically and more on that to accept it in this new ear of technology.. But since 2004 I started my professional practise as vedic astrologer and spiritual consultant. I have helped plenty of people to do well in career and life
L-You also had a Rock-Band onc…

Leslie interviews Shakespeare

Shakespeare welcome to "My Legacy with Leslie"
Here are few quick questions for you. L-Shakespeare whats in a name? S-- for me everything !
My whole personality & my world
I’m very grateful to my parents for naming me Shakespeare. L-Whats common between you Shakespeare and William Shakespeare? S - We both are creative people , we both have a flair for acting , We both had humble beginnings ... we both dated older women  L- Who are your Icons ?
S- Honestly NONE !
L-Tell about your journey S - I come from Orissa born and brought up in relatively smaller cities compared to where I live now Mumbai ... I have been a risk taker and a dreamer , always chose to follow my heart and vision hence I landed up in Mumbai, started living alone from a young age , started Modelling and acting . I think from where I have come it’s a huge conquest for me . It wasn’t easy but faith & hope always carried me forward .
After fulfilling my professional goals I did fulfill some of my p…

Leslie interview Sky is the limit interview for Odisha news Insight

Sky’s the Limit for Lezlie Tripathy – Beauty with a Brain By Odisha News Insight on October 3, 2015

Actress Lezlie Tripathy needs no introduction as she has a huge fan following across the world. This gorgeous young actress from Odisha has achieved fame with little span of time in Ollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and even Hollywood. In the glamour world, Lezlie Tripathy is an icon, who inspires millions of youth. She is a versatile actor, who wants to act in challenging characters, as she finds it very therapeutic. That is evident from here Bollywood debut role as Roohi Malik in her debut film “W- Being Woman” which recently won ‘Best Youth Film of The Year’ and was slotted as top 5 films made on Women’s Empowerment of 2014 . And prior to that she also did an Indian version of Hollywood movie, in which she achieved accolade for her acting skills. Recently Lezlie also recieved applause for her role as Angel in Telugu Movie ‘Chusinodiki Chusinantha’, in which she is cast opposite S…

Leslie interview for Pioneer


MY LIFE HAS GENERATED MOVIES AND BOOKS Tuesday, 30 May 2017 | Sugyan Choudhury | in Bhubaneswar
Leslie Tripathy is an Indian actress who mainly appears in music videos and Bollywood. She is also acclaimed as a young Indo-Anglican poetess. Born to father SN Tripathy, a professor of English literature and mother Ashoka Tripathy, a teacher of English language; Leslie was caught in an envelope of a cultural quarantine from her early childhood. After a brilliant academic record in her graduation with a first class in English Honours, she studied journalism and mass communication at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. Endowed with a bohemian eccentricity and with a spark of wild artistic freedom, she had a quit career in journalism as the actress in her dominated her profession. She created a sensation in the showbiz in Odisha through her video acting before her debut in the celluloid world. She made her debut in 2014 to the Hindi film industry with ‘W’, a musical thriller movi…

Chennai campus life taught me to pursue excellence

Life in Chennai taught me to pursue excellence 
I’m still getting used to hostel life, which is a far-cry from my Mumbai life. My lifestyle here is undergoing a certain change. I don’t have my Madhu chachi to serve me herbal juice early in the morning. Nor do I have Susanna, my pilate instructor around to motivate me to workout regularly.
To study I have to forgo a lot of happiness. After all I cant have everything on a platter, can I? These days I’m getting fatter, as I am too lazy to workout. Guess after another 7 months, I shall be back to my healthy lifestyle.

That was me in July 2010, living in Asian college of Journalism Campus. 
But the beauty of the campus life was I became more hardworking , inched towards excellence . Some friends were rude ,few were friendly. But I metamorphosed into my beautiful magnanimous self. I work better under pressure . I had so much work everyday, I would work then get tired and would sleep early and wake up early. I led a disciplined life. I had …

News website critique cnn dot com

Leslie Ann Tripathy News website critique: ( Founded in 1980 by Ted Turner, Cable News Network, generally referred as CNN, is now one of the major English Language Television Networks. It was the first broadcasting station to present 24-hour television news coverage. CNN launched its news website (initially known as CNN Interactive) on August 30, 1995. In October 2009 introduced a new website design (, making number of major changes to their information-heavy layout, revamping it by adding a new "sign up" option where users can create their own user name, a new "CNN Pulse" (beta) feature along with a new elegant red color theme with the power logo of CNN standing stylishly in white along with the world map, which changes according to the edition one chooses amidst edition preferences. However, most of the news archived on the website has been deleted. The previous…

Manjula an incredible story of Betrayal and survival

Manjula Das: An Incredible tale of Betrayal and Survival

Leslie Ann Tripathy

Its important for us to recognize our Heroes and She-roes.
                                                                                 -Maya Angelou

My Grandma always told me, life is always difficult for a girl, because in India, her

beauty is her gift as well as her curse. Thats the story of an incredible woman called

Manjula Das born at Pattamundai, in a village of Orissa in the year 1960.

Its so difficult on the part of a woman to survive in a world dominated by men. She has to

be a slave, she is treated as a commodity. She has to be subservient. The moment she

raises her voice, she is crushed, downgraded, defiled and crucified.

 That is her story, born in a village, where

she went to nearby college to do her B.A. She had to tolerate million comments about the

dresses she wore to college. Manjula said, Because of financial hardship, I could not do

my M.A, so I  accepted a job in school. I got…