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My Butterfly days

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By Leslie Ann Tripathy

“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much”
- Elisabeth-Anne “Bessie” Anderson Stanley(Success)
B.J.B college, the mention of the name fills my eyes with tears of joy and I proudly reckon all the fond memories of my college days. I don’t know how and why it doesn’t figure in India’s list of Best Colleges, but boy, this college inspired my soul to give my best. The professors were awesome. Their energy was contagious. And I always worked hard to live upto the high standards in academic excellence they set for us. Freedom and joy was in the air. I was always at peace. My days there marked the beginning of the emergence of a girl from her cocoon into a butterfly. This is the college where I was a topper, a teenage rebel, was supremely popular, plus I kind of set a record among friends for wearing jeans and t-shirt each day of my college life and not to forget was quite chubby. But it was during these days when I turned my flaws into my feathers.
B.J.B college, has an esteemed standing, not only is it one of the premiere colleges of Odisha. But it also is the hub of educational excellence. I am very grateful to my father. Because it is after he got transferred from Khallikote college, I accompanied him to Bhubaneshwar. I was kind of intrigued by the stories I had heard regarding the majestic batch of students B.J.B had produced over the years. I found the “khatti” (gossip session with friends) under the tree more comforting than attending classes. My friends would bring new ideas. We were young. We were hungry. We were angry. We were restless. We were the MTV generation. Lindsay Lohan was our spokesperson. Shakira was our expression. As my father was a college professor, word would go around that I was not a classworm.
B.J.B college brought the best out of me. I of all the people on earth, who was called timid, shy by my teachers, back in school went onto represent the college in youth festivals after I defeated post-graduate students, in a debate competition when I was in the 1st year of my intermediate. Even I was honoured three times by His Excellency , The Governor of Orissa, with State’s Best Debator, Best Poet award.
With the little achievements, I managed to accomplish, my self-esteem brightened, following which I courageously plunged into acting, with the encouragement and support of my amazing friends from college. I still cannot analyse, was it my shifting to Bhubaneshwar or my studying in B.J.B college or the joy of getting rid of Math, Science and taking Humanities, that sprung in this new confidence in me to win awards, see a different confident side of myself, as
Sydney J. Harris once said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”(of opportunities)


sudhanshu said…
I liked your article, and the imagery of a butterfly as the title was apposite for there is nothing more amazing than the metamorphoses of a creepy,sluggish ugly caterpillar into the delicate beauty of a butterfly.
The Best thing about this entry is...every word has been captured directly from your heart and put.
Nice to see this side of urs....superlike it!!
pkj_star said…
Wish the mulberry stayed and new cocoons could transpire into the butterfly..But things gradually lost, indeed we were the last batch I guess who explored and enjoyed every bit of our journey .. It was 2005 when the new rules of dress code(arguable) suddenly transpired a mist over the beauty of the youthful days.. And gradually protruding engineering colleges and many xyz institutes shifted the balance from B.J.B to those ... Still I can't forget those 3 golden years, were we under the sunshine made bonds forever..My ælmə ˈmeɪtər I am proud of..

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