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International Women's day Myth or Reality

Also published in Mar 7th 2009

By Leslie Tripathy

Women's Empowerment,is only a sham,all hypocrisy.When a girl asks for justice she is scandalised,demoralised.A Woman who embarks on a public duty has to undergo a torment of viscious attacks on her character,thats the least people can do to strangulate her growth,as long as she chooses to ''yes sir'' ,she's divine and holy but when she lives her dreams,she is called an ambitious and shrewd woman.Its abominable when she is seen as nothing more than a walking,talking child-bearing machine,her dreams mean nothing.then there are those who expect a woman to be the queen of the household chores.

If she is expected to do a job,earn money for the family,then isnt it cruel to expect her to come home tired and then cook for husband,kids,isnt this hypocrisy,though its true nowadays many a men are lending their support to a woman in the kitchen,yet few others dont,why cant man,woman,both together share household chores like when the woman is sharing the financial responsibilities,another hypocrisy is when a girl's talent is overlooked and she is seen as a mere object of lust,this perversion is horrifying,Why cant a woman get her work,based on her merits,many of those evil perverts need to change their mindset regarding women.

Govt.needs to give free education to girls,books need to be provided to them,they need to be educated with computers,each girl needs to have an email address,she needs to connect to the world through internet.the govt.needs to make such benefits for girls that there wont be infanticides anymore.Many men are sadder when a girl is born to their family,some kill the female babies,to stop that we need to create such great oppurtunities for our girls that their birth brings joy and happiness around.

Girls need to be compulsorily taught karate,judo,for self-defence,and should be given classes on self-improvement how not to be feel inferior,or insecure.

I also wanna voice for the voiceless girls who feel miserable when their emotions,feelings arenot respected,many boys think if a girl is friendly then she is available,I would like to speak for the millions of girls who write to me of their distress,why is it boys misunderstand their smiles as erotic signals for romantic entanglement,its sad when a girl says ''no'',nobody is ready to accept it,we need to give a girl her space,accept she also has her mindset,she is also a free-spirit,allow her to be what she wants to be,i know most of the girls are responsible,they simply are gifted with the power of intuition,they can protect themselves too,i believe in every woman's heart,there is always a spark of heavenly fire,which lies dormant in the sunshiny light of prosperity,which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

So I am delectably proud to say I was born a girlchild,and have led a life with integrity and bravery.Though we might look weak,yet we women are gifted with the mightiest of inner strength.I pay my respect to every woman,who has undergone pain incomprehensible to be a good daughter,sister,wife,mother.Best of noble men,cherish and value the worth of a woman.We all do.

Leslie Tripathy


Gorilla Bananas said…
why is it boys misunderstand their smiles as erotic signals for romantic entanglement

That's a very fair point, but how should a girl behave if she does want a romantic entanglement?
akash said…
love you babes for yor brave words
yu just voice my thoughts yu for dat
Anonymous said…
Tell me something activists hav been making better points sweety

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