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the mumbai attacks are germs of (of have-nots)'s hatred against the powerpuffed capitalist's sleepwalks

Many top officers have died sacrificin their lives coz the Indian Govt has been sleepwalkin and hoodwinking us,never geared for the worst,and innocent as a result are the worst victims,who shall b remembered for a week or so then,the selective collective amnesia of the public shall b taken oven and they shall move on calling it springing bak resilience,besides,after few yrs again another calamity shall shake up our poor countrymen,the world oohinh,aahing,after all media has evaded the geographical differences by internet,t.v,satellite,why is it people's welfare is bein taken for granted aftre 6 months of actionplan and then suddenly waking up to their fallible ignorance which is shown at the behest of the innocents being victimised,this warfare in the name of religion is a namesake for the revolution against the rich,mighty nations ,people who splurge money at the drop of the hat showcasin who's the richest in the tug of war of snobberyits the doings,failings of the mighty,powerful rich who are secured up in z-class security in their mansions dat to get their attention these jihadis are drawin their attention by pilfering blood coz dats the only way for theese suicide-live bombers to get themselves heard and get an itch of power,to join the ranks of the supersmilin,richie rich,high mighty leaders who are beyond reach of the poor,people not status quo,its funny its called a country by the people,for the people..Its like they hoodwink yu and wen yu show yor prowess and lose lives,injure yorself ,there yu shall b hailed a hero after yu no more around to b benefitted by the honor,accolades.How cum a minority group as compared to the huge wings of the govt,successfully masterplan a carnage bloodbath and terror,if not of the assurance of a weak head.If we were as well-educated and as worldly-wise as we pretend to be, we would not be surprised. The economic development of India followed the strict social divisions of a non-democratic caste society. Hundreds of millions of India's people have neither secure work nor even electricity. The West must recognize India as a victim of corrupt global economics and potentially a model for the emerging economic divisions there as in the U.S. The spreading violence is the direct result of a vacuum of moral and humanitarian leadership.
India has generated violence amongst muslim-hindus,hindus-christians,dalits,kandhas,panas and may be my selective memory has failed to remind me more of such communal hatred given a go here,if people cant accept and live along happily with diverse caste,creeds,then why not change the system and preach oneness,instead of worshipping zillions of deities and millions of languages fabricating divide in this peace lovin country of Gandhi,Ashoka,Buddha.United we stand,divided we fall,i dont think i'm writin anythin new,its the same,but the amnesia might well enforce the country to a dose of amnesia until the next attack substituted in the name of the vulnerably controversial term-RELIGION.


naveen,new york said…
I lived in Bombay for 25 years and never once did these terrorist attacks occurred. It is the al Quieda trying to destabilize India and Pakistan with their stupid ideas of vanquising the world and making it safe for Islam. More than anybody else it is the Muslim population, both Shia and Sunni, and everyone else that should pressure Government agencies and the police to come down heavily on the terrorists, pursue them to the ends of Dharavi, Null Bazar, or Mohmeddali Road or whereever they normally hide and put an end to it. No minority or majority community person should remain apathetic and watch out. "Chalta hai" attitudes should be given up.

Vigilance should be increased more than ever before.

It is pathetic that Osama bin Laden or his deputies have not been captured. Is it possible that they get into burqua and move about freely in Pakistan or anywhere in the Middle East?
eric,hawaii said…
Throughout history, violence has always been the offspring of religion, whether it was the Crusades, the Religion Wars of Europe, 9/11 or today's events on Bombay. Humanity needs to stop pretending that religion is threatened by violence instead of the cause of it. Embrace atheism.
michelle,vienna said…
The terrorists in India should be reminded of the great Mahatma Gandhi who succeeded to achieve with peaceful means his goals. Terrorism is not,was not and will not be
successful in todays world.
ed,new york said…
This keeps on repeating in India ad-inifinitum. Everytime people console themselves by saying that they have a large heart and will rise again.
Truth is, they do not have the guts to look terror in the eye and tell them to stop messing around, or else.
For all his faults, I salute President Bush for keeping America safe under his watch after 9/11.
amit,london said…
It’s a horrible act and should be condemned by every one.
This event has parallel similarity with Marriot at Islamabad, Underlining the importance of working together globally to uproot this menace from the world.

I think it’s also an attempt to start a blame game by hard liners in India to point fingers at neighboring countries, where there is a strong resentment present at civilian and military levels that India itself is the source of terrorism in their respective countries.

In any case cool heads should join to find the solution to fight a common enemy “terror”. Root cause of which lies in S.E Asian country of Afghanistan. World should support the innocent victims of terror in Pakistan, India or Afghanistan by providing them moral and material support.
chris, Bridgewater, NJ said…
26, 2008 5:26 pm

One can't help but wonder if the financial chaos in the world and Obama's election played a part in this. It makes one wonder if Ron Regan had just been elected would terrorists have attacked a close ally of the US.

In fact, based on Obamas compaign rhetoric. shouldn't we already ber immersed in peace, love,tranquility and mutual understanding? How can Somali pirates still be active? US stocks down 15% to 20% since Obamas election. Rubin who helped ruin citibank in Obamas inner circle...And Russians visiting Cuba and Venezula...the world is already falling part and Obama isn't even in office yet.
in-pain,india said…
very sad. without commenting on the political nature, i'll just say that my condolences go out to those injured, and their families. this really is senseless violence.
smallman,los angeles said…
Muslim and communism are twin enemies of God and man.

Let us not assume that communist China and the communist Soviet Russia are our friends. These two might be supporting the terrorists behind our back.
Dialogue is not an option.

We must build our military force beyond comparison.

We need to be able to act, without having to ask for help from UN or even any of our closest allies, on our own any time we deem it necessary to strike our enemy or rescue our or our ally's people.
UN is an hindrance to us.

We need to be able to spot even the least organized attack on innocent people, let alone, this kind of coordinated terrorism and shatter it like a thunderbolt.
camy,italy said…
As a spiritually inclined but not religious person with a scientific leaning I find the connection of violence (as in jihad or holy war) with religion both puzzling and deeply abhorent. Of course holy war is a doctrine not restricted only to Islam. At moments like this when the ugliest face of humanity is on display in Mumbai, one longs for humanity to make that crucial leap from childish and perverse religious stances of vengefulness and intolerance into the peaceloving stance of humanity's greatest teachers-- wisemen and women.
bob,virginia said…
Tragic incident. My prayers for those killed and injured in this mindless act of terrorism. And my anger and anguish at the government of India for failing to secure even the most iconic places in Mumbai, like the Taj Hotel and Victoria Terminus.
soham said…
W is responsible for the mess in South Asia. This is what happens when the US President goes chasing imaginary WMD in Iraq, and lets the Al-Qaeda flourish in Pakistan. Not to mention getting hoodwinked by Musharaf and the Taliban, into thinking they are actually helping out with the war on terror.

The last thing Al-Qaeda wants is for stability to reign in Afghanistan, and for India to continue to prosper.

But we are the land of Gandhi - and Bombay is an extraordinary city - the people there are spirited and fearless. We will get over this.

But please, get a life!! You imply that W has made America safe. Really? The world is increasingly inter-connnected today. If there's mayhem in South Asia today, it is bound to have repercussions aroud the world.
manish said…
dera leslie,this is a very sad incident, and all our sympathies are with the victims. There is no excuse for this behaviour. But to know the reasons behind such carnage and destruction by India,s own citizens, India needs to look inward. Indians need to look at the alineation and social injustice within which has created such a fertile breeding ground for terrorist recruitment. Despite being a huge minority and very pliable one, India's muslim minority is most under-represented in government and privated sector and is treated as economic undercasts. Once again that cannot be an excuse for any violence, but without addressing such issues the country cannot bring itself into the fold of highly developed nations.
sahabudin,pakistan said…
This is so pointless! Our Prayers and hearts go out to all Mumbaikers especially to the family of Officer Hemant Karkare and to all peace loving people of the city. May God bless all of us and may this madness soon end!
ajit,pune said…
How politically correct to imply that a Hindu extremist group is equally suspect as the Jihadist organizations in perpetrating this terrorist act! When was the last time that one these supposedly Hindu terrorist organizations attacked British and American citizens with machine guns and grenades??

While the general consensus has been that Jihadists from foreign countries are the ones involved in terrorist acts in India, that pattern is changing. As in Europe where many terrorists are home grown and Pakistan-trained (graduate studies in Afghanistan),

India will also see more of its own citizens joining the Jihadi International with their political philosophy originating from places like Deoband.

With a corrupt and disorganized state, overwhelming population, under-resourced and incompetent police and intelligence, India is convenient for terrorist target practice. This will not be the last one.
prayers from pakistan said…
I pray this does not beget riots. God is One! "Sabka Malik Ek."
nitin,new york said…
As an Iranian, I am saddened by this event.

Let's please not issue a blanket condemnation of Muslims and Islam. Iran, a Muslim nation, has always had excellent relations with India.
rashmi,london said…
Leslie dear,the ruling Indian Government run by the Congress party headed by Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh should hang their heads in shame for not being able to tackle the issue of coordinated snychronized terrrorist attacks almost on a Monthly basis in the past two and half years in India.

Thank you Dr Singh for bringing shame to the millions of Indian all over the world who are watching CNN and wondering what their native land has turned into under your leadership.

The Home Minister Patil should have been fired long time ago for being incompetent in his postion as the head of the internal security in India.

Anyone who has even been to Bombay now called Mumbai knows what a beautiful structure Hotel Taj is. Its pity to see it burn on CNN

Patil is more interested in looking good then doing whats good for India.
sick-of-communalism said…
always nice to see the worlds religions playing nice us and each other.

WHEN oh WHEN will moderate believers stand up ?
WHEN will Christians, Jews, Muslims and all others stand up in their temples, mosques and churches and rain in your fanatics, Zions, and fundamentalists? what are you scared of. i have yet to really hear the voices of your religious leaders , in a LOUD unmistakable voice denounce such hatred. I blame all of us for not taking responsibility and looking organized religion straight in the eye and questioning its very premise and core beliefs.

Until we all wake from this nightmare built upon these irrational belief systems we will live in fear and death.
mikey,california said…
This violence is of course not pointless or senseless or anything of the kind. It is a deliberate attempt not only to attack Westerners in luxury hotels, but also to reignite the long history of communal violence between Hindus and Muslims and destabilize the region even further. India's government must act in a very hard way both to find and "bring to justice" those responsible, whether homegrown or elsewhere, while at the same time try to prevent those who would exploit this situation to commit atrocities of their own. I don't blame Indians for their patience wearing thin. Action, direct and hard, must be taken. And the chips will fall they may.
zarine khan,u.s.a said…
Mr. Bush was more naive than we ever suspected. Wow.

There was only ever one country that belonged in the Axis of Evil. Pakistan.
cherry,dublin said…
Princess Leslie,this has all the hallmarks of militants supported by Pakistan's ISI.

For far too long, the world has looked the other way as terrorists on the Government of Pakistan Payroll have attempted to maintain disorder in the are, both in India and in Afghanistan.

It is time for the world community, especially the intelligence communities, to end their silence and reveal the truth surrounding the ISI and put this evil organization and its supporters in Pakistan out for good as a terrorist sponsoring organization.
john-hates-terrorists said…
I was not spewing venom, but stating facts. India has the second worst terrorism rate in the world. It is second only to Iraq. If that doesn't make it a banana republic, I don't know what does?? I wouldn't invest in Iraq nor would I invest in India. American companies are crazy to put money into that country. The smart ones are pulling out of India already.

From Bloomberg:

"Between January 2004 and March 2007 the death toll from terrorist attacks in India was 3,674, second only to Iraq during the same period, according to the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington."
dont-blame-hindus said…
can the commentor enlighten us as to which previous terrorist attacks in Mumbai were carried out by suspected hindu extremists? Apart from Malegaon and Samjhota blasts which the authorities are pointing to the have been carried out by these hindu extremists. I am sceptical that this carnage was carried out by Hindu extremists and taking western hostages and possibly killing some of them (it seems Jewish/Israeli nationals in a housing complex close to or in Colaba, though not yet confirmed). I rather suspect JeM/LeT/ISI trained terrorists with help from Dawood Ibrahim's organisation. The MO does fit, something the Indian authorities have seen in Kashmir. The CM of Maharashtra has said, they believe they entered Mumbai from the sea. A modus operandi used previously by Dawood Ibrahim in the 1993 bomb blasts to land explosives in India.

The anti terrorism setup needs a complete revamp in India and probably we will see BJP in power after the next federal elections.
sick said…
However, Pakistan consistently failed to reign in on these terror cells in Pakistani soil. Don't forget the recent US Drone predator attack which took out top alqaeeda leader.
salil,u.s.a said…
I'm a Hindu Kashmiri, and I can very firmly say that this attack is linked to the same Mujahideens that are operating throughout all of Afghanistan and Kashmir, all of them brainwashed under the same Jihad- driven mentality. But let's not forget history and how this entire conflict all began, with the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947 - thanks to the British. And let's also not forget who armed and assisted the Taliban in the 60s during the cold war - America. They were asking for people with American and British passports in the hotels, not a strange coincidence? - yes these people are delusional martyrs - but just don't forget who created them.
vrijesh,boston said…
It's amazing how much I've changed since terrorism hit the spotlight after 9/11. I was a high school senior, so young and idealistic, liberal and open minded to the core. After the attacks on the world trade center I prided myself for asking the right questions during class discussions, "Why did the terrorists do this? They have their own beliefs; there must be frustration about oppression. We should listen and be open minded so that we can come to some kind of agreement." 8 years later I've almost completely erased that type of thinking.

Because of panic stricken calls from my mother and father to my cousins working in New York city on 9/11, then the same calls to me when I was studying abroad in London during the subway bombing, then the same concerned calls to relatives in Delhi during that train bombing, then concerned calls to my Grandmother during the bombing a few months back in Bangalore, now calls to relatives about Mumbai...

It's fatiguing, and I wasn't even directly caught in the middle of these bombings, I can't imagine how it is for people who have to deal with it on a daily basis. The level of frustration must be overwhelming.

8 years later I realize there is no depth to the terrorists psyche, no understanding to be gained by trying to analyze what makes them tick. They do not want to sit and talk. They will not stop until there is no "other" left to destroy. Sure they are poor and probably resentful of something, it doesn’t give them any excuse to do what they do. I pray this country and others that deal with terrorism will find the strength and resources to absolutely crush these extremists.
Anonymous said…
Condemning a whole religion and race based on the actions of few murders and proposing violence against ethnic and religious minorities is as bad as the terrorist themselves.

I hope the WORLD does not allow India to act on these sentiments and take revenge against the innocent Muslim and other religious minorities living peacefully in that part of the world.
shireen,pakistan said…
I agree with you,leslie. Sadly, as we can see from many posts above on your blog. It already has. It saddens me to see what is happening in Bombay. What saddens me more is seeing people quickly wanting to take it out on others.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps Bush knew what he was doing. If this attack had occured in the united states those who say he went to far would be blaming him for the attack.
worried american said…
Is this history repeating? Between clinton and Bush transfer, we had a plane hijacked and then 9/11. Are these guys again piloting an attack on US soil?
m.s.d,americana said…
Lest we forget that we are in a world wide struggle against terrorism and we cannot afford to let our guard down.
The implacable enemies of freedom loving people will never stop. They are part of the landscape now.
So as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the fact that there have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11 let us never forget what happened to us and not allow isolationism, appeasement or deals with the Devil erode our freedoms.
lakshmi,japan said…
leslie dear you right,it is sad that India has been targeted again. Hopefully this will open the eyes of our politicians. Now, people of India and the world will hear the same old "tape-recorded" statements from our politicians who will, again, do nothing.
atiq,japan said…
Fellow citizens will applaud President-elect Barack Obama for his tough stand against terrorism. These terrorists must understand that killing innocent people does not solve issues or problems. Our condolences to the deceaseds' families. The police officers who were killed in their line of duty will forever be rememembered as heroes.
Anonymous said…
Radical Islam has been doing this for hundreds of years, yet due to political correctness, very little scrutiny is placed on this twisted religion and those who practice it.
gurbir,punjab said…
leslie,nobody should be shocked or surprised at this. Something like this can happen anytime at any place in India. The fact is that more than 2000 people have died in terrorist attacks in India since 2007 (more than anywhere in the world)& the spineless & gutless Indian Govt. has done nothing & will do nothing about it. People will talk about it for a day or 2 & then all will be forgotten like the ones in Delhi and Hyderabad and Bangalore and Ahmedabad and Lucknow and Bombay (2006 version) and etc ets. India, delusionally claims to be a future superpower like China. Can you imagine something like this happening in China without evoking a Govt. response? But the Indian Govt. won't respond because it can't be re-elected without the Muslim vote & so it can't attack the bases of the terrorist bases & infrastructure in spite of being fully aware of where it is. And is the police of any city in India ready to deal with something like this? Do think those ponchy, unfit, corrupt & inept Policeman you see on CNN, are fit to protect the cities from Internationsl, sophisticated terrorsits? To expect them to do so would be living in a fools paradise? India needs a complete overhaul of its Govt. & security & only then can something like this be prevented. Until then, I'm afraid, this will repeat.
ns,russia said…
Terrorism is not necessarily associated with poverty or lack of opportunity. In the 1980's, some well-to-do Sikhs from Canada, USA and UK financed the Khalistani terrorist movement to carve out a nation of Khalistan from northern India. After many terrorist incidents and deaths which included the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the movement fizzled out because it never had support of ordinary Sikhs in India. It was the classic case of some small fish in a big pond(India) trying to get their own fish tank (Khalistan) where they will be able to wield much more power. But in the process, many innocent lives were lost including the paasengers of an Air India plane from Canada that was bombed.

Similarly, the current terrorist attack in Mumbai is not at all related to the fact that the 150 million muslims of India generally are behind the other religious communities in education, family planning and household income. The movement in Kashmir is similar to the Khalistan movement and is heavily financed by Pakistani government.

At the root of the problem, Pakistan thinks that whole of Kashmir state belongs to them. For last 60 years, rather than focussing on developing its economy, its focus was on grabbing the Indian section of Kashmir state. Pakistan attacked India 4 times in last 60 years and was successful in grabbing a part of Kashmir. But they want the whole of Kashmir. The islamic terrorism in different parts of India stems from support toward Pakistan and Kashmir movement by a miniscule section of the muslim community. An overwhelming majority of Indian muslims oppose this idea and terrorism.
pitambar said…
There is nothing to say. The Indian Government has failed the people, that's the truth.
Anonymous said…
This is a wake up call to india's lazy attitude towards terrorism. If india has to counter terrorism it has to act much more aggressively than just giving statements. Before launching mission to moon, try to solve poverty, hygeine, and terrorism in your own country then be proud.
rakesh,missouri said…
As a native Bombay-ite, my heart is breaking tonight as I read this. I grew up in South Bombay (long before it became Mumbai), and have a special fondness for the absolutely gorgeous Taj hotel. My friends and I spent many an afternoon at the various restaurants at the Taj (as college students, we often went there for an espresso and samosas or an after-dinner drink, since we couldn't easily afford the pricier lunches and dinners). I spent so many hours browsing in the Taj bookstore for books, magazines and music. To see images of that beautiful building in flames really brings this home to me...there is no place on Earth that is safe from these vile human beings who will stop at nothing to make their point...that point simply being that they have abandoned their humanity in the name of "religion". God bless every one of us and forgive us for our ignorance and foolishness, and the pain we inflict on each other.
atif,iran said…
I think its time muslims take active part in breaking the arm of terrorism instead of whining and complaining against other tolerant and multiracial societies. It is the islamic countries which are best positioned to take most concrete measures against the ills within our community and it is they who can do so without eliciting charges of discrimination and occupation by the rank and file. The muslim leaders are the ones who should have been the first ones to have handled monsters like Osama and Saddam instead of having leaders to take care of them. I'm afraid that unless muslims take active part against terrorist organizations which use the name of Islam and are becoming a scourge to humanity and peace on earth the islamic message will continue to be hijacked by terrorist outfits and the muslim claim of Islam being a religion of peace will seem to lose credibility. I'm also afraid that the patience of other countries and societies is wearing thin and the common muslim may soon have to bear the consequences of collective opinion that is gradually building up. Wake up ....
abhishek,india said…
The people most responsible for this is the political leadership of India.

They have completely lost their sense of priorities. I can't imagine what those innocent people are going through.

It's such a shame. When will we ever catch, punish and prevent the people who repeatedly do this and then get away with it ?

Shame on us as a nation.

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