Monday, 13 July 2015

A big thank you to u for your infinite support

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I am in such an amazing place right now! I used to think, what will  life be after some years? somewhere i was scared of the future with my sad what ifs. But I am so happy, to know I have such inner strength to overcome my fears and the obstacles and the hurtings. As I salute my inner strength and the blessed people around me that only bring joy into my life always and forever. I feel so blessed to be blessed with continuous work and yes it is main lead roles in amazing movies. I cant wait for my fans and wellwishers to see my acting, which is evolving everyday. I am loving myself more now and not holding myself responsible for the actions of people around me nor the travesties around me. I am just ready to make everybody proud of me, especially the ones who have always loved me n have had the faith in me and never left my side nomatter how hard the trying times have been. A big thank you to u and loads of love to u.

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