Monday, 21 April 2014

My 2014 kicks off with good reviews for my bollywood debut with W

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So this year has been going good for me!!!! First I mark my bollywood debut with hindi film 'W'. I managed to get good response from critics. That was very overwhelming!!!

Reviews on my acting

Reviews on my acting

The three leading ladies also give realistic and touching performances. Lezlie Tripathy, in particular, establishes herself as an actress worth watching out for.

 Lezlie Tripathy…. Roohi Malik is outstanding in her break-down scene.

Performances: Projects the victims of the assault,........ actress Lezlie Tripathy has projected the sheer pain and trauma felt by the actual victims thus, standing themselves out through the celluloid. 

Acclaimed Rj frm Radio Mirchi 98.3FM , Jeeturaj gave this emotionally charged review and thumbs up with 3.5 stars frm RJ Jeeturaaj .  

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