Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My bollywood movie W

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With the lively Ganpathi celebrations around, there i
s positivity flowing all around. Ganupathi Bappa has been kind and I am having one of the best phases where I am feeling confident and happy. Certainly it hurts picking up pieces and starting all over again. But what the heck, life is such. And I have been deeply inspired by many stalwarts, Icons and their epic stories of rising like the phoenix.

2008 is much behind now. Right now the promotions for my upcoming Bollywood movie 'W' has started. the movie looks good. The performances by the new cast certainly is mindblowing and the music by Daboo Malik makes me wanna hear the songs on repeat. His sons Amal and Armaan too are adorable as Brothers in Arms in this movie. And lastly the reason I am part of this movie is the powerful script by Tarun Chopra, the director of our movie. His vision of having an idealist world of brave strong women overcoming failures, setbacks is a big highlight for me. I felt charged up every time I heard the script and it looks good on screen too. 

Here are few links to our movie:


Anonymous said...

Alll the best lezzzz

debasis said...

More exciting for me, as some one so close will appear on the silver screen.. Certainly not going to miss this movie... More comments will follow.