Saturday, 13 July 2013

This free flow of thoughts translating into written words

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Loneliness at times is good for writing, singing, poems, lyrics aka creativity. The feeling of being misunderstood can hurt but it does most of the times give birth to beautiful thoughts. It sort of allows thoughts to translate into something that mmmm may be has been difficult to write about or compose. 

Why is it soothing at times to drench oneself in unlimited tragic painful writings, movies , songs? Maybe because our thoughts want an echo in the movie of our life that we are acting in without a script. Movies like Aashiqui, Raanjhana, Lootera have touched souls this year. they have been acknowledged hits. even Gatsby for a change. Somewhere somehow these movies echo something that is relatable. We always are seeking and appreciating innocence, purity, simplicity.

Life in the 21st century has become very complicated, many say we ourselves have made it complicated. Perhaps that is right. But again the choices we get in our lives happen to complicate our decisions.

Many a times I wish I could bare my heart out, ease away the turmoil within. But again cannot hurt people we love can we?

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