Monday, 25 July 2011

Gandhi and Me

Mahatma Gandhi, vow, this bespectacled old dude with a cute childlike smile, with no hair on the head, no shirt and a loin cloth, holding a walking stick, is an image that is stamped on every Indians mind, soon after they start breathing their lives on earth.I kind of agree with what Einstein said about Gandhi, “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.”

Be my school, college books, Indian currency notes, Principals’ office, a judge’s court, statues on the roads, even my papa’s home library, he was everywhere. Vow, this guy, has lived quite a magnificent eternal life.
There was this joke going on among my friends in school, one day when a ragamuffin was being bullied and made fun of for having no father, he murmured, 'My father is Mahatma Gandhi, how can you say, I don’t have a father, he is father of the nation, so my father as well." That’s the impact of Gandhi.
He had the nation enthralled with his thoughts, policies. During freedom struggle the spotlight was on him, because he seemed to be the man, who knew answers to everything. India held its trust on his decisions.

Slowly, he grew on me as well, and in my moments of turmoil, I somehow found solace in reading Jane Austen, Gita, Catcher in the Rye and Gandhi’s autobiography. Boy, it intrigued me how this man made his life his message, by listening to his conscience.

I got to confess be his views on Gita, and leanings towards vegetarianism, or leading a simple life, they have heavily influenced my life. I went on to read Gita to seek solace; I gave up on eating turkey and goose pies after I read Gita in my will to lead a Satwik life.I felt complete, calmer thereafter. My life might be a tale of glory, right and wrong decisions, but its because I have paid heed to my conscience. And now I don’t regret anything nor blame anyone, because it was my decision.

Be right or wrong, still was mine. And I owe it to this frabjous soul Mahatma Gandhi, who after mortally walking this earth last time on Jan 31st,1948, still intrigues not only Indians but leaders, icons and people across the world be it Obama or Mandela.Even he was declared Man of the Century by Time Magazine despite many titans around, nobody has managed to hold our respect and worship like Gandhi. Cheers and happy B'day to the Mahatma (as Tagore coined Great Soul) who shall continue to be blessed, admired, analyzed for his ethics, ways, sayings, willpower and mind. God bless his soul.

This article was published in Breakingnewsonline on Oct 2nd 2010

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