Saturday, 1 November 2008

'Why I look upto Martin Luther King?'-Leslie Tripathy

Dr. King was a good example because he fought, and didn't stop, for what he thought was right. He would help people that weren't treated right, have equal rights. He encouraged people to help bring fair treatment to all of the people who didn't get it. He would help, and encourage others to help, end segregation.


Lord of Universe said...

or choices are amicably already an icon,go on girl.god bless you.

Instinctual Fire From Within said...

I concur. Life is too short, to be fretting over such small ordeals as skin tones. Let the light shine through.

Diana said...

Leslie you too with your grit,determination have joined the legions of path-breakers and encouragers who are heroes for people and people appreciate yoyr thoughts because you follow the path of righteousness
god bless you