Sunday, 16 November 2008

Meet the delectably adorable children of Dumb,Deaf School,my new chums

girls having a laugh riot

with the teachers

I suppose its difficult not to fall in love with these special delectable human creatures.

''thats their symbol of peace be for all''

“I have always thought it would be a blessing if each person could be blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him appreciate sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound.” - Helen Keller

On Nov-14-2008,Indians celebrate Children's Day commemorating the birthday of India's former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru,who adored children(like I do),and wanted his B'day to be celebrated as Children's day in India,though he meant universally,still its not U.S.A or U.K that all their holidays are creep into other continents as their holidays.

Anyways as a kid wen in India,I had loads of fun wid my kid brother,friends.My Indian friends might be wondering why on earth do I have to explain the significance of Nov-14th which is the one day after their b'day and valentines day,needs no brain-wracking about,anywaz,this info is for my adorable chums outside India.So as I've already put it clearly my heart beats for the forsaken,underpriviledged kids of society I live in.Luckily I had met these specially challenged school kids from dumb,deaf school last year wen I was there to distribute prizes.So the love and affection they had to give to me was enough to make me feel so much adored and special,everymonth they invited me to their school,but I could never make it,sumhow I wanted to do sumthing for the kids,regarding whom not many give a thought,I decided to make it special for them joining hands with Mesco Steel,coz I knew kids all across India were celebrating Children's day,but these kids werent celebrating nor were they were looking forward to this special day,it was just another day for them,sumhow I racked my brain to track one of their teacher's cell number,they were all very elated to recieve a call for me and dat I was to be visiting them wid food and stuff as they liked.16 kids were there,3 girls,rest boys.I needed an interpreter to make me understand their thoughts,sign language is useful to the deaf but vital to the Italians it was so cool (Aunt Evelyn wud love the place,coz she wud get her peace,no noises,her temper shall be supercool,she's into the habit of not appreciatin people talkin bak to her,she likes to lace people wid her creative overdose of her latest poems,stories but has no patience to hear anyone,she can pen as many poems as she likes remembering Wordsworth.....)

The kids are studyin in 8th,9th,10th grade,they live there.They dedicated sum dance numbers in my honor,I was so thrilled I was clapping,to which they asked me to lift my hand up and wave it,that was their sign of applause.Later I distributed food as they sat on floor for lunch(for Gauri Aunty hope she doesnt complaint anymore ''Leslie darling cant lift her own finger,other than summoning orders,guess she might be happily shocked to see me crouching on the floor serving food,thats for Yu Sweet,Nagging Aunty''),I sure was learning lots attendin to everybody's need,coz they wont say it,its an art I suppose.

We had loads of fun as I taught them dance moves,sum crazy ,inane games and they responded so well,One wishes they get such bright kids to teach,who are super alert and their brain responds to yor commands wid the flash of light.Oh the happiness on their faces was immaculate they kept remindin me of where and wen they had seen me on newspapers,television,some have scrapbooks chronicling my foray as a debator,topper,actor,public services I was humbled wid the overflow of LOVE they had to bestow on me,I suppose Kindness,is the only language deaf can hear,dumb can speak and blind see.The best part was wen they wud crazily outdo each to stand next to me for d moments to be captured forever in the reels of digicams.

Everymoment was special for me I have taken a mental picture of each of those kodak moments,and meeting God's special children I dont feel like complainin anymore on anythin,imagine our pain,sorrow is nothin compared to the screams,rantings that they wanna want the world to know but are left to show it thru hands and shudnt expect the insensinsible people to understand or connect wid them,except for few ,uggh,wen in pain remember the sufferings of the poor who are devoid from not only LOVE but have never heard themseves speak,try in vain to vocalise their thoughts nor can they hear the serene chirps of the birds,nor listen to the jazzy numbers of indian melodies,only are left to appreciate the beauty of life,people thru their eyes and their instincts.The problem is not that the (deaf) students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen,the mute donot speak and sum idiots wont stop blabbering more than required.Sum one once said,''All disputation makes the mind deaf; and when people are deaf, I am dumb''.In such moments wen blogging down yor thoughts on subjects dat are dear to you,memory escapes you,thus I'm forgetting the names of those stalwarts who have been opinionating their views on such issues,anywaz guess Hellen Keller was a torch bearer,and her life has inspired a beautiful Indian movie Black,and another thought-provoking movie of 70's I suppose ''Kosshish''.I'm reminded of Eric my specially challenged friend,who stays in Sweden who wrote to me,''Growing up oral is a waste of educating,learning the true sign language from my hands has the meaning of education.I cudnt be more blessed and happy 2 have got an oppurtunity to know them and henceforth their joys,sorrows are mine and I shall do everything in my capacity to help them realise their dreams(one was accomplished after I spent time wid dem).The roads are lovely dark,and deep,Miles to go befor I sleep(ve precised Robert Frost's thoughts as it suited me.)


Lord of Universe said...

sweet princess the radiance on your face visibly speaks volumes of the inner strength within yoursef,which has overcome a lot of pain.
Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Lord of Universe said...

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart,leslie your warmth,compassion touches hearts.

sharpspeak said...

the kids are lovely,you sem to be living everymoment of it

Ankit said...

Love Didi,you look very beautiful,why dont you meet me?
Love your number one fan

William said...

princess leslie i think its our duty to be for those who dont have anybody with them,you are doing a lovely job of spending your valuable time with them,god bless you

Harsh said...

so the haughty,intellectually arrogant princess loves the underpriviledged,seems we mortals are not in the league of her liking.

John said...

oh well one has to be forsaken,underpriviledged to be able to win her divine attention,its true harsh,the snooty one wont talk to ordinary beings called human beings

Ashley said...

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Leslie Tripathy said...
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Aveek said...

sweet angel doing a good job

Max said...

"Leslie has helped me get rid of a lot of negative influences that were guiding me down the wrong path ... I was able to look within myself, clear all the negative energy and turn my life around." thank you princess.

Will said...

i think leslie you are an agent of compassion and change

Anonymous said...

Dear Tripahti,
Realy you are nextr ro mother tresa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tripahti,
Realy you are nextr ro mother tresa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tripahti,
Realy you are nextr ro mother tresa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tripahti,
Realy you are nextr ro mother tresa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tripahti,
Realy you are nextr ro mother tresa.

Gautam said...

And surely there must be much good in one who is kind to an invalid, and leaves the pleasures of partying,fame to spend time wid children of pain.