Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Mccain's Fatalistic Flawed Judgement kindda helped Obama become the President of U.S.A

Ii shall be an understatement of the century if I said I could foresee Mccain's fatal hubris wen he chose Palin as his running mate and before wen he would put dignity to shame wen he would appalingly take picks too crude ones at dear Old Obama the epitome of dignity,righteousness Obama.Sorry to be writing the obituary before the patient has expired, but the pick of Sarah Palin was fatal to John McCain's campaign, and he should have seen it coming.But cant blame him he's already 72 and dont expect rational behaviour or choices from him wen he presumed or cud see his ship sinking,had to to take the world by surprise or shock better to put it this way so that his eccentricities add upto his ''Maverick'' title to the T.

Remember, McCain was finally gaining some traction in his campaign by derisively calling Barack Obama a "celebrity" and questioning his readiness to lead the nation.

So who does he pick for a running mate? A folksy mother of five who draws big crowds but
knows little about the U.S. government or world affairs.

I guess McCain was enamoured with the idea of a team of mavericks, but Palin's maverick credentials were inflated. She never really said "thanks but no thanks" to that Bridge to Nowhere, for instance.

Palin did irreparable damage to McCain's credibility. The strange thing is, her political future appears set to soar, even as she sunk McCain's.


Lord of Universe said...

If the financial crisis never taken place Palin would have been what sealed John McCain's presidency.

But because the market collapsed the media focus on Palin and McCain's obvious weakness which is economic policy. The media painted them as a couple of bumbling idiots who were the reason for the market crash. Then McCain made the retarded error of suspending his campaign to head back and make a deal...a plan that would have worked better with a congress that was lead by republicans.

Of course the media didn't focus on the fact that Obama and Biden had no cure for the economy or that their policy proposal dooms everyone. No they were silent and thus made to look far more presidential.

In the end, Palin would be a massive rockstar had the economic issue not have happened.

It did...and the republicans have suffered. But if you think she is going away and wont be seen again you are are as stupid as you come across.

My prediction is Stevens wins re-election. Gets sent to prison and resigns. Palin appoints herself Senator to "go clean up washington" and in 4-8 years comes back at this with more experience in the Senate than Obama.

sharpspeak said...

First of all let's not blame McCain's problems on outside influences - the economy. He did himself in, especially by picking Palin.

Her negatives have continued to rise to where she is now viewed negatively by over 50% of the voters.

The only people who have gotten excited over her are the Republican base made up of the one or two issue wingnuts.

She was supposed to attract disaffected Hillary voters. Ha! Not bloody likely.

sharpspeak said...

We can blame Palin for McCain's defeat but she is who she is. He is the one who made the wrong choice after minimal exposure in a vetting process that was incompetent. McCain is an instinctive gambler and he went all in on Palin (like he gambled on the debate cancellation ploy). That was the wrong call so he must carry the blame. McCain makes poor and hasty judgments which is not very presidential at the end of the day.

Diana said...

I don't think Sarah has a future in national politics at ALL. She just plain isn't smart enough. Even if she were to spend the next four years trying to get a Master's Degree, she STILL isn't smart enough.

She is going to rip the Republican Party apart, just like she tried to do with America.

Not to mention the fact that the woman doesn't even have a firm grasp of basic civics principles!

I can envision her as a news reader on Fox. She is definitely effective as a right-wing propagandist when she sticks to a script, but she reached her political zenith as governor of Alaska. In fact, she's a little out of her league in THAT job!

Oh, and she LIES, too. A lot! A WHOLE lot! She's told many, many blatant lies and is extremely dishonest. THAT is the main problem with Sarah Palin!!

Diana said...

It's back to the frozen tundras of Alaska for you sans the posh wardrobe.

Bon Voyage.

Diana said...

Now that Sarah is going back to Alaska, I might actually be able to sleep again at night. And my blood pressure will go down, too! What a relief!!

reynolds said...

I agree. Whole-heartedly! I am not a Republican but am from Upstate New York. I like John McCain. His concession speech speaks volumes for what we will be missing, as a nation. I was happy that he had tried so hard to bring a refreshing face to the stifling, typically-political republican party. I cast my ballot for Obama simply because of Sara Palin. I did NOT want another hick puppet anywhere near MY Oval Office, my constitution, my health-care issues, and or my family. There was no way that I could vote for him after hearing her in the debates, during interviews, any speeches. She spewed rhetoric after rhetoric. I prayed everyday since I first heard her speak that McCain would lose. A necessary hurt, as I could not stand by and watch the Devil's spawn (S.P. and her children) take the pilot's seat.

London calling said...

I agree: The Palin pick was McCain's undoing. My staunchly Republican mother said this about McCain's choice: "He's sunk himself."

Polls confirm the distaste for Palin.

While the "base" has embraced Palin, "thinking" Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike have obviously rejected McCain's irresponsible choice.

"The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly." - John McCain

America's final "hail Mary" pass on Palin: We're going long on sending her back to Alaska!


marvin said...

sarah........what a joke. Obama wrote numerous books without a ghost writer, and was president of his law class at Harvard. He also is a scholar....What do we know about Palin? Seems to me she hasn't done any good for the people of Alaska. Building a $200000000 Hockey rink with the oil money, buying a tanning bed for $30,000 and putting it in the Governer's Mansion, bridge to nowhere, lying about brother-in-law, and anyone who has helped her along the Mayor and Governor way, she has stepped on. /why do the people of Alaska want anybody like this? Palin is only interested in her own agendas......Money/1 Power.......not that dumb, but really stupid if she thinks people don't catch on....I want her stripped and out on the street with her idiot brood and first dude.............stupid people

Kevin said...

She's not hot, not intelligent (which she demonstrated through interviews throughout the retarded campaign), not a source of inspiration (Journalism degree from Idaho?? Are you serious??), and it was too close of a call to stick a dimwit as a presidential successor and to preside over the senate! I still can't believe she was seriously considered by so many - scary!!!

sheila said...

Sarah Palin is a nut case and so are all the dumbheads who followed her ranting. Why not get a real good look at what our country has become. You are a racist and people like you are just ignorant. Next time you go to the bank, buy groceries, put gas in your tank or watch the news, realize that our country must be intelligent; not nuts with weird ideas without any knowledge to back up statements. As for Aires in Chicago, those were terrible times. Viet Namn was another dumb thing we Americans were involved in, and now it' Irac.......get a grip

Rick Taylor said...

I can only hope in vain it looks like that this BIMBO from Alsaka will sink back into the wilderness and not be hear of again. If there is a GOD, may he grant me this one wish. Have Sarah Palin get lost in the woods and suffer for awhile before a pack of wolves finds her and makes a tasty buffet of her useless body...that I would love to hear about.

Angelo said...

If it was up to the liberals, Sarah Palins daughter wouldve had an abortion, rather than taking on personal responsibility. And they should stop hunting as well because purchasing meat from a grocery store in which the meat came from a tortured, hormone injected animal is far more humane and safer to eat than killing an animal instantly by a bullet to their head. Sure makes sense. And I guess now anyone who graduates from an Idaho college is automatically dumb. Sorry Idaho, they said it, not me. And dont worry about Sarah becoming Alaska's youngest and 1st female mayor with no experience nor a degree in politics, and that she moved up to a state governor. I believe she has an 80% or so approval rating as governor. No, doesnt matter, she is still dumb. Silly liberals.

Arthur said...

What you see is what you get...and that only takes a sentence.
I have to believe that picking her was the ultimate act of Masochism of the Republican party, and the biggest insult to the American people since they elected Geo. Bush.
I realize our country is sick right now, but I didn't know so many have also lost their minds