Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nobody should hold it against me if somebody takes obsession for me

If some gangster falls in love with me thats not my problem.And cant understand why I should you hold it against me?All these maindless never ending speculation and gossip regarding me is so bloody wierd.I dont even have idea who are the people able to access me on television from which part of the Orissa state and India.I 've had countless number of fans and admirers who have been obsessed with me on their own.Wen one is an actress a celebrity,it shouldnt be blamed on the celebrities why they are being admired and loved by a certain fan,thats questioning absurdity of human dignity.


Anonymous said...

i must tell you sweetie people jealous of your success only speak against you otherwise nobody blames you for being beautiful

kev said...

Princess Leslie has tremendous character and strength.She has the strength and will pick herself up and move on

sumit,maharashtra said...

my Salute to Leslie for being so brave and so calm.