Sunday, 26 October 2008

I loathe Hypocrisy in loved ones

"... [M]ost hurtful are those media reports who would like you to believe that I'm eaten up with bitterness over the recent betrayals, split with some close friends and colleagues,Organisations who betrayed my trust and faith by giving away scoop on me to media houses and some malicious people for money . Still feeling some grief, sure... but not bitterness. Yes, in the beginning, I was angry and hurt with the way things ended and me the constant fodder for gossip and breaking news headlines on news channels across India and the sudden transition from Page-3 to News Headlines and Front page stories on me just for the sake of some quick sale of the papers and high rates for T.R.Ps in News Channels.Hypocrisy is something I cant tolerate and Yellow Journalism was hurtful,especially I was only a beautiful decorative Show-piece name(which was used to attact attention from people and use my Celebrity for their sales.UGGH) for the papers and channels when I wasnt in anyway related in the matter.
but how could I not be upset? I gave most of my career (4 years) to the welfare of Orissa and the Indian Oriya Industry. ... and this was the way they showed their support by buying the newspapers which screamed new episodes in my life and never objecting to it at all,watching everything in silence.turning a blind eye.

I do not, in any way, hold a vendetta against my scheming,disloyal,unfaithful former friends or industry colleagues... But that has not stopped some from scrutinizing my every move and blaming me for so many things that simply are not true. ... Because of this, lately, my heart has been so heavy. It is very hard to watch the daily toll this has taken on me."


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I have never seen someone love Orissa and Ollywood so much and bring the fun,class,glamour to the fans. I love watching Leslie on Sundays...or Mondays or any other time I get a chance. I have been a Oriya album fan since Leslie Tripathy stepped onto the field. She gave them her everything in dedication,time,hardwork and they didn't give it back. My heart went with you dear Leslie. I wish you the best in your career and with your family. I am shocked at how quickly the media will turn if it makes a better story.
Your fan,

Anonymous said...

i dont like leslie

Anonymous said...

i hate her because she is very proudy and very grave.

site dedicated to Celebrity,Princess Leslie Tripathy said...

Leslie is to Acting,Orissa like Gandhi was to India,The actress is a great lovely actress and a great human being.
The actress has never been involved with any guy despite so many millions of fans chasing her and we saw a specimen in the case of Raja acharya ,leslie's biggest psycho-fan as compared to other stars get divorced and f... every thing with a hole and a heartbeat.
SHe is great for any industry and is proving it with the corporate world she has chosen to work with.
she will always be known as a great Romantic Oriya,Bengali lets put it Indian Actress imported from Britain.

site dedicated to Celebrity,Princess Leslie Tripathy said...

How many actors out there who work for the welfare of society and people free of cost? Leslie never even missed a charity event!!
All you Leslie haters,get a life.

U.S.President Barack Obama said...

I agree. Enough. Leslie Tripathy will allways be the Romantic Indian Oriya Actress. I will never forget what she did for the people of Orissa.( now peolpe want to know about her life and in turn know about orissa.) She will enter the great popular people of Orissa Hall of Fame as one of the most beautiful Oriya Actress,popular young role models in Orissa and no one will be able to take that a way!!

sharpspeak said...

Leslie's is the only actress who can attract national and international crowds.

Diana said...

i like the views of the stoic and determined young girl