Friday, 12 September 2008

I sincerely wish the whacked up,scheming Republicans not givin migraines to Obama.

Hope the whacked up,scheming Republicans not givin migraines to Obama.
Newsflash for Palin, Truman was a member of the Democratic Party.
Not to throw a wrench in their convention, but can't they find a republican for comparison ? And his infamous "the buck stops here" line was because republicans were trying to get him tossed for corruption.
So by her making the comparison and Bush making the comparison, don't the rules of algebra tell us Palin has to equal Bush ?
It must be nice to never have to know anything about anything and have your entire party get right behind w/o question. Nice for them, gee! it's been hard on the rest of us.
What struck me most, however, is how much the pitbull theme extended to the entire night: The whole tenor of the evening was more mean-spirited than any convention I can remember. The crowd laughed at the mention of Obama being a community organizer during Giuliani's speech—what I think was not supposed to be a joke but rather a throwaway credit—but I'm sure all those laid-off steelworkers that Obama was working with to rebuild their lives wouldn't think it was funny. "Proud steelworkers," as Palin pointed out that her husband was. It's pretty mean to laugh at someone trying to help those with the true misfortune of a layoff; it seems cruel and unusual that those they were laughing at are professional kin of Palin's husband.
Obama is like Kermit the Frog: Someone else may be your personal favorite, but he's the one that gets the most attention, so he's the one who ends up in all the parodies. Obama can be mashed up with any meme, because anyone can assign him any qualities: like Kermit, his everyman status makes him ripe for satire.


Anonymous said...

leslie i like your views on obama,i wil surely support him,i'm a citizen of u.s.a,and i will support you and your fav presidential candidate.
love you beautiful
god bless you

Anonymous said...

Mccain with palin make horror team as each is a lying, self serving, power hunger, wishy-washy, spoiled man/woman brat.
obama should win of course