Friday, 12 September 2008

Decisions I took now I'm unsure if they were Right or Wrong

Decisions I took now I'm unsure if they were Right or Wrong
My wish to change and globalise the face of Orissa got me so confused where I wrestled with my sense of purpose—and eventually much to the dismay of my folks I did not study much in hi-fi Central University in Hyderabad where I got qualified after getting selected in the tough intellectual entrance exam.
There been times post my tryst with Stardom,that I have been part of many jabs and negative talks,many controversies,which were getting higher podium with my increasing stay in the public eye.The people can devote most of their important time and lives to run me down was wat I couldnt accept but now I'm getting stronger,as its said,''Wen the going gets tough,the tough gets going''.Now on I'm taking things with a positive nnote,cant complaint as its true I have been in the public eye for many years now, and 've developed a thick skin along the way. When you're shining,speaking your mind(could be seen as a threat by hypocrite sucking and kissing other people's asses), there will always be criticism. I just take it in stride, and at the end of the day, I know that it comes with the territory.
The most valuable lesson learnt from my ecclectic support system is to work hard to achieve my dreams and to never let anyone tell me that I couldn't do something.So I've really worked hard while shooting for my Music Videos popularly known as Oriya Album,they are the oxygen of Orissa's Pop(ular) Culture.I could jive well in the discotheque with members of family and friends assessing my dance which was always partial towards me.But dancing and have the albums released on television and viewed by people across the State of Orissa and all over India was another Herculan task to measure upto.So I learnt dancing,which I must confess wasnt easy as opposed to the views anybody passes on all those dance numbers.Somehow or the other some intelligent people in the industry could sense I wasnt for the dancing tracks rather suitable for the Romantic numbers where the Hero sang odes to my Beauty,gestures.So my job toned down to sitting in front of the Hot Sun to smile and rotate my eyes.


Anonymous said...

you are right in taking your decisions thats why you are a star,my idol.
love you leslie didi
Your fan

sharpspeak said...

If victory is certain then even a coward can fight, But the real brave is the one who still dares to fight when his defeat is certain.

sharpspeak said...

Leslie you always help people to realize their true being whenever they need to understand whether something is true or false, right or wrong. Actually you are a mirror to them. You always say the truth to everybody who seeks your advise. We all love the power in you to express the hardcore truth.