Sunday, 3 December 2017

2017 for Leslie Tripathy

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2017 has been a fabulous year.  Got to push n become the beter version of me.

So lucky my film Rangrasiya directed by Shri Pushpendra Singj and i had the honour of working with Mega Star and Padmashri Shri Anuj Sharma, this movie has become a Golden Jublee Blockbuster in Chhatisgarh. 

I played Naina and all our songs are superhits. The fanlove was sk ovetwhelming

I also went to Odisha to campaign for ODisha ruling Party BJD in february for Panchayat Elwctions. I am so honoured. New doors are opening for me. I am breaking glass ceilings

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sumegha Gulati you brave thing!

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Sumegha Gulati
Thank you very much
For the beautiful love
You showered on me
There were times when
I felt discouraged and hurt
By the mean gossips
But you my roomie
Would glide into my room dancing
With that infectious joy on your lips and spark in your eyes
Asking me to click your million pics
Your cute poses would lighten up my mood
And after I started smiling
You would very politely ask me
What bothered me and would give me
Wise words of wisdom
That would instantly make me feel
Confident and validated

If I Would be struggling with a write up
For our journalistic college assignments
You would figure it out somehow
And would look into my article and correct

What would be ACJ life without you?

The last day at ACJ you came down to my room
You gave me a beautiful ring as a token of your love and our friendship
I was upset with you over something
You tried to resolve the issues
I was delighted to see you making an effort to resolve things because you cared for me
I wore the ring and for some reasons
 I wanted to say million things but I was having a tough time voicing them so when you were saying things I was quiet
But when I saw you leaving the room walking down the corridor
I felt choked up with emotions
I didnt want you to leave my room or ACJ
Suddenly I dint want to tell you goodbye
I dint want that era of beautiful college time to be over as everything came in a flashback
I realised , I wanted you to be around me forever
So I ran up to you to hug you
And you promised me, we shall be in touch
I wish I could run up to you and hug you now
And you could tell me everything shall be alright.

On July 17th, 2016, I met you at the Kharghar hospital
I wanted to meet you despite knowing you were not allowed visitors
But still I was an exception in your life
I am glad I had the privilege of meeting you
I could not recognise you initially when I walked into your room
I saw a bespectacled big faced person smiling at me, I smiled back but still
I asked the nurse standing next to you
Where is Sumegha
And you said Lez, it's me here
Your voice was so feeble
I couldn't hear you
You were whispering my name
And smiling ear to ear
Congratulating me on my career growth
And you appreciated my focus in my life
Those words coming from you added confidence in me
You insisted I visited your mom at your Kharghar home
But again I had a tight schedule so I couldn't go ahead
But you kept saying you were so happy seeing me
I still can't wipe off that memory of me hugging your mighty little body and running my hands on that baby face of yours
Love you girl
Every time I open my eyes or think of you
Your sparkling eyes and wide smile calling out Lez, leaves me enchanted still
Reminding me how I got a direction in my life when I needed advise from the best, so I would come to you always. I looked up to you . You were the wisest girl I have ever known.
Your valued words I still practice
I am doing what you had suggested me way back in college when I was confused whether to pursue journalism or acting when our batch mates were going for placements .
And you said, "Lez you should focus on acting , after you become a huge successful actress, you can always be a celebrated actress who is also a journalist, it would add to your profile".
I am glad you were proud of my determination when I met you last . I shall keep your fearless brilliant legacy alive and make you more proud of my achievements.

You were my guiding light! Hope you still guide me when I seek your advise !

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Me

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Lezlie Tripathy am hereby making a brand new start embracing love , success, and blessings around me and am turning my back to negativity and jealous and back bitching haters . Btw if u hv been removed or blocked from my friend list then u know I am aware what u bitch behind my back. Love #LezlieTripathy

Monday, 27 July 2015

Great lines by Dr. Abdul Kalam

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RIP Dr.Kalam

"Wings to Fly"

I am born with potential.
I am born with goodness and trust.
I am born with ideas and dreams.
I am born with greatness.
I am born with confidence.
I am born with wings.
I am not meant for crawling,
So I won’t, I have wings,
I will fly, fly and fly....

-Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

Have a Great Day ahead!!!

Monday, 13 July 2015

A big thank you to u for your infinite support

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I am in such an amazing place right now! I used to think, what will  life be after some years? somewhere i was scared of the future with my sad what ifs. But I am so happy, to know I have such inner strength to overcome my fears and the obstacles and the hurtings. As I salute my inner strength and the blessed people around me that only bring joy into my life always and forever. I feel so blessed to be blessed with continuous work and yes it is main lead roles in amazing movies. I cant wait for my fans and wellwishers to see my acting, which is evolving everyday. I am loving myself more now and not holding myself responsible for the actions of people around me nor the travesties around me. I am just ready to make everybody proud of me, especially the ones who have always loved me n have had the faith in me and never left my side nomatter how hard the trying times have been. A big thank you to u and loads of love to u.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

At the Hobbit Premiere

Share |Last night attended the movie Hobbit's premier at Pvr, Mumbai.
The movie is engagaing with amazing action sequences!!!